Don’t move – improve! It’s all about proportion, practicality and design.

FOD Architects has the wealth of experience to guide clients through the all of the stages from initial sketches through to appointing a contractor to complete your project. Be it a new build, extension, loft conversion or working with Listed Building/Conservation Area properties FOD architects can work with you to create the result that not only matches your requirements but also your budget too!

In recent years there has been a slight move away from the ‘WOW’ factor and a move towards practicality and how a property will adapt to the long term needs of a family: an increasingly important consideration now that we move less.

Some clients have a clear understanding of what they want and others want to take advice and recommendations from us, every project is different.

  • If you don’t know where to start how about putting together your own design brief by listing what you do and don’t like about your current property / is there a hotel whose design you particularly liked / do you have memories of somewhere that you would like to use as a reference ? This reduces any chance of misunderstanding between client and architect at the design stage and therefore reduces the time spent on redraws/delays in submitting your plans to the Local Authority for approval.
  • An office / study has also become more of a necessity rather than a luxury as clients rethink the way that they work.
  • If you live in a desirable area and are considering moving then perhaps having planning permission in place for an extension/loft conversion will add value to your property without you doing any of the hard work and should easily offset the cost of getting plans drawn up.

 We are always happy to show you our portfolio and offer recommendations from previous clients for you to review

In the current economic climate more of our clients are staying put and moving less frequently which means we are helping a lot more with makeovers / redesigning of internal space / utilising loft space/ creating open plan living to fully utilise what they currently have within their property, its amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can see when they walk around a property.

Don’t forget that it’s a good idea to consider upgrading existing facilities at the same time (such as your heating system) to minimise the upheaval within your property in the long run.

All of this still has to be realistic and implemented affordably.

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